Our Vision, Values, and Principles


CSBT will be the premier purveyor of quality health & welfare products to Community Services in Canada.


The CSBT Board of Trustees value integrity, honesty, openness, excellence, creativity, critical thinking, continual improvement and mutual respect.

  • We are committed and hold ourselves accountable to our participating organizations and to our provider and distribution partners.
  • We have a passion for quality health & welfare products that keep people healthy and on the job.
  • We accomplish our vision by honouring our commitments, providing results and striving for the optimum experience for our participating organizations.

Service Principles

CSBT Trustees and our provider and distribution partners will adhere to the following principles while providing health and welfare products to our participating organizations.

  • We will start by listening to who you are.
  • We will treat you in a manner that makes you feel welcomed, valued and respected.
  • We only exist to serve your health and welfare needs.
  • We will seek to improve your health and welfare benefits experience.
  • We will be a valuable asset in helping you develop and fulfill your health and welfare benefit objectives.

Key Principles of CSBT

The CSBT is based on four key principles that guide the Trust’s operations.

The principles are:

  • All plans must be available to members on a fully insured basis – Member organizations which choose the fully insured option have no financial liability associated with the plan’s financial successes or challenges. These member agencies’ only financial requirements are to pay their monthly premiums.
  • The program engages and consults with participating agencies – The CSBT has regular communication with member agencies and provides participating organizations with opportunities to provide feedback.
  • The program has no operational requirements – As a non-profit trust, the CSBT does not directly employ staff or own buildings. To meet this mandate, the CSBT has outsourced the delivery of the plan to GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions and their national network of Advisor Partners.
  • All CSBT benefit plans shall be delivered through CSBT Board certified insurance experts – The CSBT utilizes the GroupHEALTH network of Advisor Partners to deliver person-centered services to community service organizations across Canada.

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