Best practices in disability management

As Chair of the Board of Trustees of CSBT, I’m excited to bring news of where we’re at in supporting employees to be healthy and at work. All while making sure employers can provide best benefits within their budget.
Over my many years as an Executive Director, I was always concerned that no one accomplished real disability management when supporting our employees who were off work. Well, we are finally there.

In 2002, eight Executive Directors were looking for the ideal Social Services Benefits Plan.

It didn’t exist… so they built it themselves.

Now 1000+ Organizations, just like yours, rely on us for:

Employee group benefit insurance

Cost-contained benefit solutions

Local Community Support (Canada Coast-to-Coast)

Experience matters.

CSBT was created by top Executive Directors and is still led by them today

We’re always watching out for your employees – and your bottom line. Our Board of Trustees is comprised of senior social service executives who were handpicked from within the industry.

We’ve helped over 30,000 employees across Canada. We’re ready to help you too.

Now, you can finally stop worrying about your group insurance costs and reinvest your savings back into your organization. Our best-in-class products and services keep your employees happy and healthy.

Support, structure and peace-of-mind. Learn why our clients love CSBT!

We’re here to make your life easier and provide a satisfying employee benefits experience. Hear what our happy clients have to say!

Get your benefit questions answered. We’re happy to help you.