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Group benefit plans for community service organizations

Imagine a workplace with a benefits plan worthy of your valuable employees.
One that understands budgets get tighter every year, funding is never guaranteed and the Executive Director never has enough hours in the day.

We understand your specific challenges. And together, we can help transform your group insurance challenges into an easy-to-manage and cost-contained solution.

We are a not-for-profit

We’re not a corporate insurance company. In fact, our Board of Trustees is comprised of senior executives from the community service sector. Instead of relying on traditional group benefit plans, our founders understood that community service organizations required a specialized solution. One that was sustainable, long term and cost-effective.

That’s why they developed CSBT.
It’s all the benefits your employees need from large traditional insurers, with none of the hassle.

Our buying power lets you focus on your organization—not your benefit costs

Need a cost-contained solution? Our buying power helps us pass the savings to you. Since 2002, we’ve helped over 45,000 employees from 2,000 participating organizations across Canada. Rather than juggling costs, you can reinvest your savings in your employees and services.

Even smaller organizations can leverage CSBT’s buying power—and receive a robust compliment of benefits

Plus, we take a holistic approach to Long Term Disability and group benefits. We help to prevent LTD claims through wellness initiatives, access to Employee and Family Assistance and other strategies. If your employee needs help, our diverse portfolio of resources will provide the assistance they require.

From coast to coast, we’ve got Canada covered.

It’s important to work with someone that understands your local landscape. That’s why our Trusted Advisors are located across Canada. If you need us, we’re here for you.

We know that healthy, happy employees can touch more lives and do more good. Want to see how we can help you? Contact us and tell us what challenges you’re facing. Our experienced Advisors are ready to roll up their sleeves and help.

Over 2000 community agencies trust us

Watch them tell you why in their own words

Why did you choose CSBT?

The product offering from the people designing it know what Social Services need.

What are your favourite features?

Employers choose CSBT because they want fully insured, thorough benefits without unexpected liabilities and costs.

What has been your experience working with CSBT?

Sue Talmey of Durham Association shares her experience working with CSBT.

Why Community Services Benefits Trust?

Hear from board members and Advisor Partners on why CSBT could be the right choice for you!

Why clients choose CSBT

Hear from our clients on why they’ve chosen CSBT as their group benefits plan provider.

Client Testimonials

As everyone knows, changing benefit carriers can be a stressful, time consuming process. Working with the team to transfer over was done easily and stress free.

I would wholeheartedly recommend CSBT to any company or organization looking at moving to a new carrier. They were able to both meet our previous plan and in some cases the coverage was better. This carrier knows how to take care of its clients!

Linda Rinaldi, Payroll & Benefits Administrator, Family Respite Services (Ontario)

There were many things about CSBT that appealed to us. The first was this was a group of social service agencies working together to provide a cost effective solution for benefits. The second was that this group was large enough to afford us some protection from rate increases. The third was that I had worked with Paul Wheeler when he was the Executive Director of John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland. Finally we were able to custom tailor a plan that worked for our staff at JHS Victoria.

David Johnson, Former Executive Director, John Howard Society (British Columbia)

My organization, a small charity supporting university students with disabilities, just joined CSBT. So far, I’ve been blown away by the quality of service – not to mention the incredible benefits being provided at such a reasonable cost.

Receiving this annual report, and hearing how seriously the Board of Trustees is taking it’s governance role, makes me feel even better about our decision to change benefit providers. In particular, knowing that the Board of Trustees has 1) adopted Policy Governance, and 2) has made ADEI an explicit priority, makes me extremely proud to be part in CSBT. I’m looking forward to engaging in upcoming ownership linkage activities.

Chris Bell, Executive Director, Integrated Post-Secondary Education Society of Alberta

CSBT offers affordable health benefits and their online claims submissions system is easy to use. Prompt service and reimbursement.

I’ve always been happy that we’re with CSBT.

Ronda Kellington, Executive Director, Acupuncture Canada (Ontario)

The app makes life easier.

Kim Simons, Community Living Port Colbourne (Ontario)

CSBT was able to provide all the coverage of our previous provider as well as offering additional services, Life Works and Group critical Illness, for the same cost. Our employees feel this to be a considerable benefit.

We have only been with CSBT since April 2013 and we continue to be pleased with their service and competitiveness.

Martin Wexler, President, Community Living Centres Inc. (Nova Scotia)

Our decision to partner with this company was based on the range of services offered, their personal service, the ease of claim redemption and extremely competitive and attractive premiums. They have more than lived up to all of those factors. Our staff is extremely happy with the package.

Barb Cox-Lloyd, CEO, Habitat for Hummanity Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)

CSBT has a very unique structure as a Trust composed of community service providers. They understand the needs of support workers and provide not only the typical health insurance but added services such as Life Works, Critical Illness coverage, options for medication purchasing, and tailored overall programs that meet the needs of the employee body as well as the organization. Many options are included in the program at no additional cost.

Continual evaluation and forward thinking are part of the CSBT process.

Barry Jack, Executive Director, Our Neighbourhood Living Society (Nova Scotia)

One of the greatest benefits we have found is the responsiveness—if we have any issue or challenge, their team responds immediately and will either walk us through the problem, or simply fix it for us.

We have also appreciated the access to DMI—the Disability Management Institute—this has provided us with third party support when looking at disability claims, and has reduced our long term disability claims and costs.

Michelle Palmer, Executive Director, Community Living London (Ontario)

The rates are very competitive and the grouping of benefits align themselves very well with the needs of our staff. We saved 10% by switching over to CSBT. We have just completed our first renewal and we are still under the rates we had with our former carrier over a year ago.

The grouping of benefits matched our previous plan with enhancements such as Lifeworks EFAP plan, Disability Management and other limit based enhancements on life, long term disability and extended health.

The service from our insurer has been excellent with an easy to use web portal for employee self reporting and monitoring accounts.

Rick Arseneau, CPA, CGA, Director of Finance, The George Hull Centre for Children and Families (Ontario)

We have received outstanding service and additional coverage, with costs savings of over 11% and even into our third year our savings are still over 10% compared to our previous plan.

I sincerely recommend utilizing CSBT to any organization, particularly those in the Human Services due to the highly ethical values and philosophy held by this group and their employees.

Lorelei Martin, Executive Director, D.A.R.T.S. (Alberta)

CSBT has provided BANA with an opportunity to continue providing our employees’ health benefits with no co-pay or worry. Our philosophy at BANA is for our employees to have work life balance and to engage in mental health promotion. We encourage our employees to use their benefits when they need to without feeling guilty.

I have been very impressed with the ongoing open communication and hands on approach that CSBT provides to us. I am particularly grateful for having a point person that I can rely on when I have a question or need something clarified. This has cultivated a relationship with myself and our organization that makes an immense difference in customer service. Our rates and increases have been very reasonable; we operate on a tight government budget so this something very important to us. Overall, our experience has been positive.

Luciana Rosu-Sieza, Executive Director, Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association | BANA (Ontario)

I love that CSBT gives back to the sector and develops partnerships with providers that can provide holistic benefits that are sustainable and affordable.

Elizabeth Forman, Human Resources Director, Lambton County Developmental Services

When we implemented Managed Rx this past Spring, we immediately saw a substantial reduction in the costs associated with filling prescriptions. Your team clearly explained the process and six months in, we have yet to have a single complaint.

Chris Beesley, CEO, Community Living Ontario (Ontario)

Our experience has been positive. We were interested in the idea of joining with other small organizations to be able to provide our employees with great benefits, and also to be able to manage the increases in a manageable way. That was what intrigued us.

What has kept us, is that this has remained true. We get great benefits and any increases in fees have been in a manageable way.

Kristin Pass, Executive Director, Braemar House School (Ontario)

I was looking for a better plan for the staff; a plan that included the “something” that had previously been missing. What was presented to me, when I was done customizing it (this is an important aspect), was a medical benefit plan that answered my staff’s needs. It had slightly more benefits for slightly lower premiums. I was impressed.

The CSBT team can customize a plan that supports your group for a reasonable premium.

Rita Ebbett-McIntosh, Executive Director, CIEVA (New Brunswick)

The rates have remained very reasonable thanks to the size and strength of the CSBT pool. Also, Disability Management Institute (DMI) has been extremely helpful and has really eased up our internal administrative commitments. At the same time, DMI has been very helpful in assisting our disabled employees.

Overall, the CSBT program is a great program at a great price.

Cindy Rattai, Cypress View Foundation – Alberta