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Community Services Benefits Trust plan resources

All CSBT benefit programs, powered by GroupHEALTH, offer exclusive features to support community services and non-profit organizations and their employees. Below is information on the valuable resources available in our benefit plans to support our partner organizations.

Disability Management

End-to-end solutions for proactive absence and disability claim management through the Disability Management Institute.

The Disability Management Institute (DMI) supports you by providing businesses and employees with innovative solutions and personalized support through the entire absence process.

Services offered:

  • Early intervention
  • Advice to Pay
  • Workers Compensation claim management
  • Relief of cost review
  • Claims services
  • Rehab services

Additional services:

  • Stay at work programs
  • Insurer, employee & employer training
  • Mental health services

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Virtual Healthcare

An online service that provides on-demand access to medical assistance and primary care providers where ever you are, whenever you need it through TELUS Health Virtual Care.

TELUS Health Virtual Care is an online service that provides on-demand access to medical assistance wherever you are and whenever you need it. Connecting you with a primary care provider without the need to use valuable sick days or personal time for doctors’ visits.

You and your family can consult confidentially with an accredited doctor or nurse practitioner by video conference using your phone, tablet, or computer.
The TELUS Health Virtual Care medical team can diagnose medical concerns, write prescriptions, order diagnostic tests, and refer patients to doctors and other specialists.

Over 50% of primary care concerns traditionally seen in a doctor’s office can be addressed through the TELUS Health Virtual Care app and website, without ever having to leave home or work.

Employee & Family Assistance Programs

Offering 24/7 support with life, health, family, money, work & everything in-between. You can access professional and confidential support, on a variety of personal and work-related topics through TELUS Health.

TELUS Health’s employee and family assistance programs offer 24/7 support for life, health, family, money, work & everything in-between. You can access the professional and confidential support, on a variety of personal and work-related topics.

Whether your questions are around handling stress, maintaining relationships, challenges at work, parenting & childcare, health and fitness, managing money, caring for an older relative, or mental health issues, you can always connect with TELUS Health for confidential information and assistance.

Access to:

  • 24/7 Best-in-class short term counselling
  • Helpful resources fast
  • Toolkits

Travel Coverage & Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation coverage and support for employees and their family if a health event occurs while travelling out of their home province.

Travel Coverage applies while you or your dependent are travelling outside your province of residence.

What’s Covered?

  • Unanticipated sickness or disease
  • Related emergency medical assistance at a hospital or clinic
  • Prescription drugs
  • Extending or interrupting your trip when the expenses are related to amounts paid in advance

The trip cancellation coverage allows you to regain lost expenses related to cancelling your trip due to unexpected events. There are any many causes for cancelled, extended, or interrupted trips that could make you eligible for travel cancellation benefits.

Mental Health Support

Mental health support is embedded into multiple plan features, supporting employee’s beyond their physical health. These build in features include:

GroupHEALTH’s partnership with TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) provides plan members access to counsellors and online resources to support their needs including health, family, money, work, and everything in-between.
Employees confidentially consult with an accredited doctor or nurse practitioners over a video call – they can consult on mental health concerns, making recommendations or referrals to best support the employee.
When your employees encounter serious diagnoses, including mental health disorders, they get automatic access to a team of world-renowned experts to get the best possible treatment, care, and outcome.
When your employees faces mental health challenges, our expert early intervention and rehab teams work with those employees to get them treatment so they can safely return to work.

Paper-free Solutions

Digital-first solutions offer paper-free management and engagement with your benefit plan.

Going paperless means, you have a single platform to review all benefits-related documents including digital billing statements, enrolment, and claims submission.

Enrol-ME Online allows for paperless employee enrolment, where employees are guided through the enrolment process with an online tool that explains all aspects of the benefit plan and enrolment process to an employee.

The myGroupHEALTH platform allows employees to view coverage information, submit claims and be reimbursed through direct deposit.

Plan Administrator Resources

Resources to make benefit plan administration simple and easy. GroupHEALTH’s resources allow for simple and easy benefit plan administration. These resources include the following:

  • Designed to simplify benefits administration by providing online and direct access to view, add, or modify employee group benefits data; as well as view, print and download monthly billing statements, individual employee benefits profiles and benefit cards.
  • Streamlines and/or eliminates the paper-based processing previously required.
  • GroupHEALTH’s service teams are available to answer questions, troubleshoot challenges, and guide you through the world of employee benefits
  • The team acts as an extension of your human resources and plan administration teams, working to alleviate obstacles and day-to-day plan administration duties
  • The service team is robust, with deep expertise and strong industry knowledge to resolve problems and create innovative solutions
  • Created to help you understand how to administer the benefit plan your company has selected through GroupHEALTH. It will assist you in guiding your members through the various processes that will involve them.
  • Communication resources including email templates and document handouts are available here to support you in communicating the value of your benefit plan to your employees.

Employee Resources

Support your employees with user-friendly options to understand and engage with their benefits plan, including:

  • User-friendly app gives employees access to benefits and coverage information on the go.
  • Allows users to quickly view their benefits card, check available coverage, view benefit-specific balance remaining, and verify or change eligible dependents.
  • Provides easy access to submit digital claims, view past claims, and provide direct deposit reimbursement.
  • The Solution Centre provides resources to learn more about features of your benefits plan and how to use them.
  • Provides instruction and access to plan perks that aren’t provided on other platforms.
  • Offers FAQ solutions on the complexities of navigating certain aspects of a benefits plan including coordination benefits with a spouse, understanding benefit predeterminations, dispensing fess, and generic drugs.