Wed, December 14, 2022

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Hosted by LifeWorks

About the event

Join us for a LifeWorks training session that combines lecture elements with a variety of interactive features with Munir Velji and Paul Wheeler.

The chronic, uncontrollable, and excessive use of alcohol or illegal drugs is a serious medical disease called addiction. A person with an addiction typically has great difficulty consistently carrying out normal work and family responsibilities. Co-workers are often the first to notice erratic behavior in another employee that could be a symptom of a substance abuse problem. It’s not the job of co-workers (or even supervisors) to diagnose a substance abuse problem; this course will give you some way you might address the situation.

Munir Velji, Bloom Group

Munir has supported many Managers and Directors in restructuring and downsizing their places of business. He has provided training, support and consultation to many sectors including banking institutions, retail establishments, coffee chains and credit unions.

Paul Wheeler, CSBT

For 40 years Paul Wheeler has worked in and on behalf of Canadian community social service organizations.

He currently serves as Board Chair and Chief Governance Officer at the Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT), while also serving as an Ambassador for the Trust.